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The country measures almost kilometers in length, extending from Lake Constance on the Austrian-Swiss border in the west to the Neusiedler See on the Austrian-Hungarian border in the east.

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One of the most pressing is the pollution caused by the staggering increase of traffic through the country. This went on until the war was over in The damage to forests has had dire consequences, including the decimation of forests that for centuries had protected many Alpine communities from avalanches, erosionmudslidesor flooding caused by runoff.

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Innsbruck — Department of Geography 41In the Institute for Geography in Innsbruck there are two chairs, one for human geography and one for physical geography. The practice-oriented focus here is put on applied climatology agrarian, ground and weather climatology, pollutant spreading.

Pollution is also brought by the weather systems that determine the country's climate.

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Environmentalists have pushed for measures that are more far-reaching. Vienna, historically the capital of Lower Austria, was a socialist stronghold, whereas Lower Austria was conservative, and both socialists and conservatives wanted to consolidate their influence in their respective provinces.

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It co-operates closely with decision-makers at both the local and the regional level as well as with other urban stakeholders. In recent years, emphasis was on urban research, more precisely, research into metropolises and urban outskirts, as well as spatial demography and social research and, last but not least, spatially-oriented research into innovation. Moreover, geographical research in Austria is important where fundamental problems of future development in a more general sense are concerned. A number of projects were very successfully carried out within an international network. In the summer, Mediterranean high-pressure systems bring warm, sunny weather. It also participates in international research activities to ensure the exchange of findings within networks of excellence. Extensive tourism places an inordinate amount of pressure on sensitive Alpine ecosystems. The Danube has its source in southwestern Germany and flows through Austria before emptying into the Black Sea. Major highways follow each of them, making them important transit routes for both domestic and international traffic. The tallest peaks are in the central Tauern Range. Austria has negotiated with the EU to set limits on the amount of commercial transit traffic, especially through Tyrol.
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