A research on the relationship between teacher expectation and academic performance of students in s

Psychology diss. It is argued that the assumption according to which the relationship between teachers and students is a significant motivational factor in academic performance is still relevant.

Teachers differed in the extent to which they let their perceptions of student attributes shape their expectations.

list of teacher expectations

The evidence regarding educational expectations of Latino and African American families is somewhat mixed and merits further investigation. Students at risk of negative student—teacher relationships and their outcomes.

In total there are five ordered track-levels in Dutch secondary education.

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They found high agreement between parents and children within Asian immigrant families, but not within Mexican immigrant families. Lareau provides a detailed view of the way in which parental expectations are perceived by teachers and used in making educational decisions about children.

Hao and Bonstead-Burns analyzed Asian and Mexican immigrant and native-born Mexican American, African American, and European American eighth graders' expectations in relation to their parents' expectations.

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Parental Expectations and Children's Academic Performance in Sociocultural Context