An expository essay on nigeria of my dream

This arrangement will unite the people, eliminate mutual suspicion among the people and remedy the indigene-settler induced crisis ravaging Nigeria especially in the northern parts of the country. This is the kind of country for which Dr.

I dream of Nigeria with well equipped police force, where officers do not have to use their personal resources to furnish their offices, and where they do not have to use their own mobile phones to carry out official duties because of governmental neglect.

Meanwhile somewhere in Abuja, our lawmakers are fighting over wardrobe allowances. And it is for this that we all should live. Mahatma Gandhi lived and died for his dream, he was killed a year after his dream of an independent India was actualized.

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Many of the greatest accomplishment in history have been done against impossible odds, because someone had a dream. This will positively impact on all sectors of society because politics is the super structure upon which the economy rests. Where people from the North could be peacefully working and residing in the South and vice versa.

Even when sleep became a luxury that some cannot afford because of the rings of poverty, they still keep on dreaming. It will happen only when we subsume our self interest for national interest.

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Write an expository essay on nigeria of my dream