Annual day celebration in our school essay

Then the President gave away the prizes. The main stage of our school is decorated so wonderfully and it is lights and flowers everywhere.

He was welcomed with a bouquet of flowers presented by two nursery children. Great preparations were made for it several days before the fixed date.

The teachers to get caught up in the excitement. Every year our school observed the annual function in January.

annual day celebration in school speech

The Chief Guest is also requested to share his feelings with the audience. The parents and the well-wishers get seated in the auditorium along with the students at the back or in the balcony.

Objectives of annual day celebration in school

The students too proudly invite their parents and guardians. I won the prize for dance. Lastly our Principal thanked the Chief Guest and other guests. My father came to our School Annual Day Function this year. You are on page 1of 2 Search inside document Annual Day Essay A number of functions are held every year in our school, but the most important of them is the annual day function. Teachers are also excited since we have planned a surprise program for them. Five girl students sang a welcome song. At first two girls sang the opening song and garlanded him. The principal and the Chief Guest is then felicitated with flowers and a card. The celebration is started with a prayer by students. On this date there are different types of celebrations and joy making. Every student hoped that they may be able to win the first prize at these events. We felt very happy when we heard the loud clapping. Then the Principle called out the names of prize winners one by one.

After this, students of our school staged a variety show. It is a great time for the students to interact with each other and with teachers informally.

Seats were arranged before it for guests, parents and students. It was decorated with flowers of paper. Many ladies and gentlemen were invited to this function. They were dressed up as flowers and looked very lovely.

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School Annual Day Function