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The management was able to target the financial targets as matters of addressing the daily operations were made easier. The structure also witnessed the creation of divergent problems consequently. Thus, his view resided on attending to organizational functions with control and authority Ashkenas, The employees were able to meet the targets upon necessity. In addition, it helped achieve a culture of implementation and timelines of the deliberated operations without further divisions. In the delivered change, the intention was to institute a method of responsiveness from the employees as well as performance evaluation of all the different tasks as per the directives given. It was able to solve the issue of accountability, planning and budgeting concerns all along Harvard Business School, Johnson, M. Strategic management. Existence of protocols only served to affirm the above. Another reason for the unnecessary structural change at Appex Corporation was the rate of turnover rate regarding the organizational goals and capabilities.

Since there was no structure or defined organizational operations, all the customers who made entry were duly served as per their demands up to late hours. He was able to also factor in the growth and expansion through delivered fundamental decision- making process from the management to the employees in return.

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According to Jeffs , the company would have first adopted the traditional vertical structure and influenced the level- headed approach towards all managerial decisions. Once the traditional structure is taken up and used to formalize all processes, analysis of the integrated system would then be valuable for any cause of changes to the structure. It was a necessity in its own right as a professional entity. The employees could not relate to the structure with the concerns on power and authority. In return, the loyalty and customer satisfaction witnessed increased the profitability and brand recognition in the market. Godet, M. Redwood City, Calif. The company has significant experience in domain registrations, configuring, hosting and managing websites, internet applications and cloud-hosted services for a range of clients. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers. He did the above by creating a circular structure where the innermost placing of the management had the reaching ability to all other employees in the organization. The changes created a different response. Changes to the hierarchical placing and effect of authority in an organization can be undesired if the process generates more division and animosity as opposed to cohesiveness and efficient delivery of the systems in operations. One of the main advantages of the structure at the time was the attention to customer demands without consideration of the schedule and organizational control. After the adoption of the horizontal structure at the corporation, various problems were witnessed in the process. Management interventions are derived and derived by requirements in the industry as well as changes necessary to the basis of operations as per the stakeholders Godet,

The structure also addressed the problem on expenditure basis especially between the organization and the immediate environment.

It increased the marketing aspect of the organization in terms of service delivery according to generated feedbacks.

Appex business case

The organization is also able to meet its objectives and goals with minimal disruptions, thereby giving more attention and focus to areas that require development and appraisal. As such, the only controlled form of operations was through the growth control and delivery of client- based approaches with the required financial services. One of the main lessons learnt of the importance is towards the stability it has to an organization. Dispensation of the duties and utilities as per guaranteed structure was observed from the bearers of various department dockets. The structure created a lack of direction through authority in the setup. In the delivered change, the intention was to institute a method of responsiveness from the employees as well as performance evaluation of all the different tasks as per the directives given. Once there is lack of organizational structure, chances of conflicts arising and misunderstanding are on the increase. Despite the success, the returns of the company dedicated results created various problems.

B The second change instituted by Shikhar Ghosh was the horizontal structure. The effective application structure at the time was not guaranteed of success as there was no clear timeframe for the implementation procedure.

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San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers. The design was filled with the operations based on the financial dimension and service delivery regarding inter- carrier network services to cellular firms at the time.

The systems only necessitated the application of operations and systematic delivery based on the full software reliance.

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