Approaches to industrial relation the general

However, cases of open disputes are quite unusual.

dunlop approach to industrial relations

According to Dunlop, the industrial relations system comprises certain actors, certain contexts, and an ideology, which binds them together and a body of rules created to govern the actors at the workplace and work community.

Therefore, conflict is inevitable and the need for the trade union to protect the interest of both parties. There should be complete non-violence while carrying out strikes.

Thus, according to this approach, the pluralist supports the capitalism, and the unitary approach is anathema.

pluralistic approach of industrial conflict

Psychological approach The problems of IR have their origin in the perceptions of the management, unions and the workers. Whereas, the systems model of industrial relations constitutes a more or less comprehensive approach, it is hardly possible to speak of one uniform action theory concept.

The proponents of this approach perceive that the employers can survive longer without labour than the employees can without work.

unitary theory of industrial relations pdf
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What are the approaches to Industrial Relations? definition and meaning