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Reviewed by Zena Hitz, St. I had to read the sections about government a couple times until I understood it. Mei, Todd S.

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But, as Balot points out, the reliance on military virtue may make polity vulnerable to Aristotle's criticisms of the Spartan regime: that since war is for the sake of peace, the exercise of the war-like virtues yields only an incomplete and unstable version of human flourishing.

One can find voluminous literature on particular topics, such as slavery, rights, or the nature of citizenship, but one will be hard pressed to find a way into the text that begins from the questions of virtue and happiness familiar from the NE and that treats the book as a whole from a perspective familiar to philosophers.

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Mulgan, Richard G. This is one of the key characteristics of the polity. Rowe and Malcolm Schofield eds. Mara, and Henry S.

This essay points out some of those ideas.

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Mulhern, J.

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