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Practice accurate and thorough quantitative and record-keeping skills. In the U. The coursework typically includes more hands-on training, and many feature labs and practicum courses that require on-campus or on-site student training.

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Three types of accreditation are conferred in the U. Accounts payable clerks are responsible for maintaining records and filing reports, performing basic accounting functions and issuing payments owed by the organization for products and services.

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Trends The increasing use of technology to perform accounting tasks means that clerks periodically need to learn new systems and procedures.

For-profit The term 'for-profit school' has earned some notoriety in recent years; several notable figures, including President Obamahave criticized these degree-granting institutions for providing subpar academic programs that produce below-average student outcomes in terms of employment, earnings, and debt default or inability to repay loans.

Also, in recent years, many clinical centers and pharmaceutical firms came into existence which raised the job opportunities for nurses.

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Core Concepts Students graduating with an associate degree in accounting are expected to know and understand these central concepts: Financial Statements. Some for-profit schools have come under fire in recent years for providing a substandard education at a higher-than-average price, resulting in students who are saddled with debt and unable to find postgraduate work. Like Career Accelerators, these students tend to be older than If you decide to major in a specific area, such as management or psychology, then you will be required take a certain cluster of courses in your major area. Not-for-profit vs. This training takes place after being hired and is usually led by a more experienced clerk in the organization. Undergraduate students who are preparing to attend medical school following their undergraduate careers are known as pre-med. At the university, you can study further to earn a degree that will enable you to become a teacher at a preschool or elementary school. Additional Learning On-the-job Training: Accounts receivable clerks can expect to gain knowledge and skills through on-the-job training with more experienced clerks. For-profit colleges advertise online much more heavily than their non-profit, public college peers. Franklin University also offers a Bachelor of Science BS in Accounting, and some academic credit from the AS program can be transferred to this or other programs. Student populations are typically higher, class sizes are larger many have more than 30 students , and tuition rates are generally lower. Associate Degree in Accounting 1. Public colleges and universities are funded primarily through the federal government.

Bachelor of Architecture Degree B. The main professional certification in the accounting field is the Certified Public Accountant CPA designation, and graduates with associate degrees need to continue their accounting studies to sit for the examination.

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