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While these are the effects of a few beers at lunch hour, the narrator can not make connect those beers to coping mechanisms for this job.

In fact, he is still bewildered by it, and his recounting of the experience might well be the result of his compulsive need to rationalize it, and thus to exorcise it out of his system where it has for long festered as a sore, upsetting his precise and measured ways of life.

The next day Bartleby is still there. His refusal is paradoxical, for he rejects the illusion of personality in an impersonal world by retreating to another kind of impersonality which alone makes that world endurable. Since nothing in his life and experience has prepared him for such an eventuality, he feels helpless and lost.

It is not philosophically profound, but it is undeniably human. After he refuses to work any longer, he becomes a kind of parasite on the lawyer, but the exact nature of his dependence on the lawyer remains mysteriously vague.

Although they are getting paid for their work, Melville argues that the upper class is exploiting their workers for cheap labor. The tendency is to remove humanity from people.

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In he jumped ship in the Marquesas Islands of the South Pacific during a whaling voyage and spent several months living among a tribe of cannibals in the Taipi Valley.

Humans should not be treated as livestock and be penned up or tied to a cart and be made to work.

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