Business ethics reflection paper

my reflection in morality

Role of Ethics and Social Responsibility in Strategic Planning Ethics are guidelines, which are used to help an organizations management, employees conduct themselves according to the standards, and values set forth by the organization.

Although, certainly to some degree a business must be focused on money, no one should go under the bus for it.

Business ethics reflection paper

In other words, he argues that the utility of his actions should be acceptable to the company since his actions resulted in profitability to the company.

The gentleman was open to the idea of wearing the beard nets and the project was completed on time. However, Kearn should realize that the company is facing lot of problems because of his behavior.

Words: - Pages: 5 Business Ethics Reflection This ethical dilemma, although rectified in a reasonable fashion, brought to light other policy issues within the company.

Reflection about ethical behavior

Categorical Imperative. Virtue is somewhat in conflict with my values in this case because, I believe that people deserve a fair chance, and if I can be the difference in them changing their life for the better instead of getting in serious trouble then I think I should. This also helps the organization in being socially responsive. Rather, it was part of the values that were inculcated in me by my father throughout my childhood. It is imperative to take care of your customers because without them we would not have jobs and the company would not survive. Business Ethics Reflection Anitra C. Moreover, the company has every right to ask Kearn to attend meetings or take phone calls at least, on duty hours. Given the obstacle of being ethical or caring for the environment or large profits, profits almost always win. I felt like I had to do something …show more content… Each decision that I played out in my head had a different affect on the out come of the situation. However, I did not come to hold this belief through detailed introspection in a moral philosophy classroom. It should be noted that modern companies are interested in building its image as much as possible. Any type of essay.

To ensure employees understand the rules and make good ethical decisions, a companys plan should embody the values and beliefs that the business and their employees view most important.

If anybody ever found out that I knew something about the stealing and never said anything then they might want to hold me partly liable. First maxim says that an action can be justified if it can be applied everywhere in the world.

Reaction paper about business ethics

I would consider myself a quite blunt person, so I immediately called him out on the problem; being careful not to actually accuse him of anything, but rather implying that I am. Business ethics is a very essential class in my opinion. I quickly realized that it could only been two employees. Right then I was skeptical about what had happened, because it was obvious that he had had the money bag and I had the pizzas the entire time. But at work my moral ethics are; competence, responsibility, discipline, honesty and trustworthy. It should be noted that modern companies are interested in building its image as much as possible. Under such circumstances, he is obligated to obey company laws and instructions.
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Business Ethics Reflection Essay Example