Cant keep a good woman down essay

I get the feeling that Walker weaves in some of her own experiences in her stories because quite a few of them did seem to have a semi-autobiographical feel. In "Nineteen Fifty-five" and The Color Purple, Walker employs the character, language, structure, and perspective of the blues to celebrate the lives and works of blues women, to articulate the complexity of their struggles, and to expose and confront the oppressive forces facing Black women in America.

you cant keep a good woman down

As I said, this collection tackles a lot of themes, but there is a theme that always comes back, as a thread linking all these short stories: being a black woman — what it means, to yourself and to society, what it involves, what it deprives you from or what it gives you.

In addition to blues characters, Walker employs blues forms, themes, images, and linguistic techniques. We need only think of the black women used as breeder s, raped for the pleasure and profit of their owners.

In signifying, following Henry Louis Gates's usage, Walker "repeats with a difference" xxii-xxiii, xxvii traditional material, revising and personalizing it, giving, in the words of Sherley Anne Williams, "a traditional statement about a traditional situation a new response" To quote Walker's introduction to the story And were they came from, though she glimpsed it—in themselves and in F.

Zora belongs in the tradition of black women singers, rather than among "the literati" Gardner has thought about it all, not just presently but historically, and she is clear about all the abuse being done to herself as a black person and as a woman, and she is bold and she is cold—she is furious.

In her portraits of blues women, Walker shows us the vitality, resiliency, creativity, and spirituality of African American women, illuminating the core aesthetic concepts which have been crucial to their survival in a society that has largely used and abused them for its own purposes.

Walker discusses lots of topics, including difficult ones such as interracial relationships, abortion, and pornography.

But, most telling of all, we need only study the old slave societies of the South to note the sadistic treatment at the hands of white "gentlemen" of " beautifulyoung quadroon s and octoroon s" who became increasingly and were deliberately bred to become indistinguishable from white women, and were the more highly prized as slave mistresses because of this.

Ms magazine. Some short stories are a bit didactic and you can clearly see that Alice Walker uses them to develop her analysis of a specific theme how porn depicts black body, for instance, and how it depicts white body, and the consequences.

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You Can't Keep a Good Woman Down: Stories by Alice Walker