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Unemployment is when an individual is available to work of a working age looking for a paid job or workers who are unsuccessful in searching to find a paid job. Frustrations may lead to employee resignation Dawson The individual that just lost their job is open to a spectrum of emotions, anger, sadness, confusion, stress and all these emotions can really break a person down. The numbers of unemployed have increased over the past few decades as the population has accelerated. Causes of Unemployment Unemployment results from several causes and factors related to an economy. Second, unemployment leads to the growing social tension because unemployed have no means for living. If this is the case, governments will have to spend more money on providing benefits to combat this. Writing services Though our team does not provide custom essay writing services to students for ethical reasons, we will be happy to edit or proofread your work for a fee. Because special interests pay to legislate it The second cause is recession. Otherwise, being in a desperate position, unemployed will start civil disobedience to protest against their position, they may start committing crimes to earn for living and, finally, they may just start riots and large scale rebellion to change the existing social order, where they have no means for living and are doomed to starvation. Pressure on other forms of government spending Greater unemployment may also lead to more crime or mental health problems, which requires more government spending to solve. Recessions are common in every country, including the United States of America. Once again, we see that chain reactions are common when it comes to causes of unemployment.

This all creates a chain-reaction, everyone involved is affected. Unemployment insurance does very little to stimulate the economy even in the hardest of times; in fact, studies have shown that the longer a person is unemployed the harder it will be for them to return to work.

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Because of the tax and land-tenure systems. But what are the main causes of employment? The benefits of unemployment For some, unemployment gives people time to search for more rewarding occupations.

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Hidden unemployment refers to unemployment of prospective workers due to errors made in generating statistics on unemployment Stone In such a situation, companies do not need as much employees as they used before, when the offer matched the demand.

People invest many resources in gaining reputable education and eligibility for jobs, but often find themselves with no employment Stone The United States is currently in the midst of a recession so severe some speculate will last longer than the Great Depression.

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The Causes and Consequences of Unemployment Essay Example