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Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. However, even for native English speakers, cross-cultural communication can be an issue: just witness the mutual incomprehension that can sometimes arise between people from different English-speaking countries.

Cross-cultural studies in the social sciences[ edit ] Main article: Cross-cultural studies The term "cross-cultural" emerged in the social sciences in the s, largely as a result of the Cross-Cultural Survey undertaken by George Peter Murdocka Yale anthropologist.

Developing Awareness of Individual Cultures However, learning the basics about culture and at least something about the language of communication in different countries is important. This may be true or may be false. Cultural clashes occur as a result of individuals believing their culture is better than others.

An individual is constantly confronted with the clash between his original culture and the majority culture that he is exposed to daily. Ruth Spack.

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Regulators Regulators act as a way of conveying meaning through gestures raising up a hand for instance indicates that one has a certain question about what was just said and become more complicated since the same regulator can have different meanings across different cultures making a circle with a hand, for instance, in the Americas means agreement, in Japan is symbolic for money, and in France conveys the notion of worthlessness. Its charge is to also produce some guidelines with which people from different cultures can better communicate with each other. Travel literature also makes up a substantial component of cross-cultural literature. Adaptors Adaptors are more subtle such as a yawn or clenching fists in anger. Consider any special needs the individuals on your team may have. The field has also moved both toward the treatment of interethnic relations, and toward the study of communication strategies used by co-cultural populations , i. In general, university processes revolve around four major dimensions which include: organizational change, curriculum innovation, staff development, and student mobility. Demand Mutual Acceptance Next, cultivate and demand mutual acceptance and understanding. When dealing with people in a different culture, courtesy and goodwill can also go a long way in ensuring successful communication.

However, changes and advancements in economic relationships, political systems, and technological options began to break down old cultural barriers. People who avoid eye contact when speaking are viewed in a negative light, withholding information and lacking in general confidence.

For those of us who are native English-speakers, it is fortunate that English seems to be the language that people use if they want to reach the widest possible audience. It may consist of a set of characteristics that we assume that all members of a group share.

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Business transformed from individual-country capitalism to global capitalism. The specific areas are broken down into three sub categories: nonverbal, oral and written messages.

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