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EBay currently facilitates online auctions, and this is just another way to help extend their influence and control. Summary and Recommendations I. The company uses these behaviors in designing its products. It is obvious that both the buyers and sellers want protection for their items.

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One them is to go back to trading at an auction house. The server infrastructure has been designed around industry-standard architectures to reduce downtime in case there should be a catastrophe. Tamanna Akter 52 Toriqul Islam 20 Business system 3. Overall, this aspect of the marketing mix emphasizes managerial focus on short-term promotional activity. While most people feel relatively comfortable buying smaller to midsized items online, they tend to not be as comfortable when buying big-ticket items. Farzana Ieasmin 22 These services are available at the main website ebay.

Designed to increase sales in the short term, these sales promotions include discount coupons for shoppers and special offers for sellers. They says their people are the reason they have come this far.

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Shihab Hossain 54 A total weighted score of 4. Solving case study of eBay inc.

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But EBay experienced a downward trend in revenues, ending the year with an unimpressive performance. In this category eBay is looking at some significant risks in the future since they do not have "key person" life insurance policies. There are also low exit barriers in this industry. Loyalty Programs that provide cash back buyer rewards coupons were selectively distributed to recognize large buyers to sustain customer. Now eBay connects a diverse community of buyers, sellers, and many small businesses all over the world. These facilities are vital for housing the servers, data, and people that allow eBay to exist day-to-day. Comparing ratios over time and to industry averages is more likely to result in meaningful statistics that can be used to identify and evaluate strengths and weaknesses. This property is used for administrative offices, data centers, product development offices, and customer service offices. Tahasina Islam 42 The Payments segment competes against other online payment services and offline payment methods, such as cash, check, money order, and established credit card merchants. Sum the weighted scores for each variable to determine the total weighted score for the organization. EBay Inc.

These online services allow users to buy and sell tickets to various events. Sandeep Debnath 18 EBay recently increased its fee structurefor its Market places business, which may negatively impact the number of new customers and revenue from existing users.

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