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You can even indulge in discoveries of the antique kind which can be found in some night markets. Becauseof that, a big crowd of customers will take a look and buy their products.

Japanese night market

The Jews had to go through many sufferings, one of the major ones being deprived of every such thing that could possibly… Words - Pages 5 Night Essay mentally handicapped, and crippled,. More and more goods laden vans arrive to start their brisk day of business. The vendors shout to attract their customers. Just two stalls away, the loud music of cd vendors comes along cheering up the situation. A night market often takes place only one to a few days of the week, as the traders rotate around different neighbourhoods on different days of the week. Each night market comprises a different combination of stalls, and new items are constantly being added on in line with current trends and market demand, so there is always something new and exciting to look forward to at each visit. In the novel, Night by Elie Wiesel, tells his own story of how he was abused, treated liked dirt by the German soldiers, and his reflection of his imprisonment in the concentration camps. By now, the stalls are neatly and strategically arranged to entice their customers. Never shall I forget that smoke. Motorcycles and bicycles going in and out. The aroma of freshly fried chicken, ayam panggang, yong tow foo, fish balls, and laksa is enough to tempt any fussy eater. They really need to make some profits each night. A fact it is that the night market is regarded as a shopping paradise by the community of Malaysian since it is a haven for those who are shopaholics.

The most popular thing when it comes to night market is food. A concoction of blaring music can be heard in the night market background amidst the constant shouting. The stall is also brightly illuminated. Come on! Though I hoped with all my might that he would return, he never did.

They use a microphone to speak and a loudspeaker to spread their voice. The din is earshattering. These temporary stalls sell all manners of useful household goods, food and drinks. Some of them remain to get some last minute selling done. This is the only night when the town comes alive.

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When reaching the vegetables and fruits stall, my mum bought some vegetables and fruits because they seem so fresh and delicious. The customers also haggle with the vendors to buy the goods with the best deal. Night market is usually located in residential areas. Just two stalls away, the loud music of cd vendors comes along cheering up the situation. Some of them remain to get some last minute selling done. The din is earshattering. It is almost as same as the wet market. There is also a famous makcik who sells trendy clothes, colorful scarves and tudung of various patterns and colors. Nevertheless, everyone is in good mood. National Trend In Road Accident Road fatalities, serious injuries, road accidents source: Royal Malaysian Police For latest accident data records ; refer Table A , a casualty refer Table B for traffic accident Royal Malaysia Police includes 6, fatalities, 9, serious injured and 19, light injuries. Night market is a spectacular and colourful market. Some nights, one can come across interesting personalities who try to sell their wares with a microphone, encouraging and urging buyers to choose any three items for RM On other days, the field is just gathered by a few cows grazing on the coarse grass. Some places are hour markets, which are livelier at night when traders set up numerous stalls selling unusual local food, exotic tropical fruits, cheap clothes, second-hand goods as well as fresh produce.

During the olden days at the Malay food stalls, most of them are just selling the traditional food such as satay, nasi lemak, kuih, spicy rendang chicken, lemang goes with the delicious rendang beef.

There are all kinds of clothes and materials too. It seems like the whole community is there.

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