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For instance, Chinese students almost unanimously stated that they thought Western democracy was unsuited for China Fish.

This unanimous decision reflects Chinese dissatisfaction with the American foreign policy, as they have experienced and seen how America treats other countries and are unhappy about it. To touch on how the Eskimos thought that the white culture was superior and many had already assimilated is shown in a subtle touch provided by the first chapter that showed how accepting the Eskimos were to the close proximity of the whites.

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Thus, there are as many definitions as there are many commentators. The western culture has specifically permeated the cultures of China, South Korea, and Japan with regards to the diet, fashion, pop culture, language, and much more. Get Essay Industries are booming all around, great technology, totally advanced lifestyle which is healthy or unhealthy will be discussed later, diet which can be considered in lifestyle has also changed a lot, language and alphabet well it has therefore I am writing in some language English dats not my mother tongue, religion to some extent yes, philosophy also have changed over the time, and values definitely changed and is influenced by western ideas.

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But westernization has a hidden negative side that people may not realize or overlook. There is a struggle between different categories of citizens for and against the Westernization on domestic level. An example of Westernization: Meiji period , Japan , Prince Yorihito Higashifushimi in typical Western naval dress uniform with white gloves, epaulettes , medals and hat. Globalisation is the process by which the world is becoming progressively interconnected as a result of significantly increased trade and cultural exchange. Europeanization[ edit ] From s onward, Europeanization and colonialism spread gradually over much of the world and controlled different regions during this five centuries long period, colonizing or subjecting the majority of the globe. After over two centuries of seclusion, Japan was being pried open by Western forces, who though were in search of setting up trading posts in Japan, indirectly served as the catalyst that set off the series of events that helped Japan transcend its fixed and permanent system, into the modern era that was chara When she first saw foreigners, my mother was very curious about them because she had never seen a one before. This is evident in the many Korean women immigrating to America to escape the patriarchal society of Korea. And Singer accepts this fact

This connotation is often vague. One positive change that westernization has brought to China is television.

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Bates 's uniform. As regards attack on hierarchy, it is not only the lower castes but even the tribes and castes in the middle regions of the hierarchy which try to take over the customs and way of life of the higher castes. The ideals of civilization are continuously updated, going by powerful pace of progress. Urbanization, the social advancement of women, and changes in labor conditions led to a gradual decrease in the traditional scene of the family gathered around the table at mealtime. Now that I think about it, westernization has had such a long history in China that there are even words in Chinese that are borrowed from the English language such as pizza, soda, and chocolate. Westernization does not preclude voluntary participation in it and even encourage the passionate desire to go that route. In stores, western music was being played by well-known artists such as Taylor Swift. Dwelling on specific characteristics of Westernization we are going to discuss the previous statement basing on three following area such as culture, politics and business. In this sense, it refers to the process in the Indian history which led to changes in the status of various castes or their cultural patterns in different periods of history.

Because China has such a large FDI, this means that other countries, particularly those in the west, are pouring money into China in the form of investment in companies and e-commerce. This harsher view of K-pop reflects the views that westerners hold of westernization.

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Those new states often adopted some aspects of Western politics such as a constitution, while frequently reacting against Western culture. These changes also brought about western foods into the Japanese diet.

Considering rapidly changing events in the world, everything that was mentioned above can be explained by rapid approaching of the worrying trend of Westernization in all countries across the globe.

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