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The two key elements of this economic science are the interaction between supply and demand and scarcity of goods. While these two branches of economics appear to be different, they are actually interdependent and complement one another since there are many overlapping issues between the two fields.

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Micro effects macro economics and vice versa. Note: It is important to note that exaggerated information about the economic environment that in most cases may be carried by the media sources may be misleading at times. The macroeconomic perspective looks at the economy as a whole, focusing on goals like growth in the standard of living, unemployment, and inflation. Examples of microeconomic issues Microeconomics seeks to solve problems on a small level. In order to generate macroeconomic fluctuations, RBC models explained recessions and unemployment with changes in technology instead of changes in the markets for goods or money. Conversely, aggregate demand and aggregate supply are the primary tools of macroeconomics. Microeconomics is the study of particular markets, and segments of the economy. Monetarism was particularly influential in the early s. An example of intervention strategy under different conditions Central banks can use unconventional monetary policy such as quantitative easing to help increase output. The AD-AS model has become the standard textbook model for explaining the macroeconomy.

High development rates also mean improved living standards given that people can comfortably own homes, cars, and many other luxurious things. By choosing one job over another, you may gain opportunities but lose others. There is a multiplier effect that boosts the impact of government spending.

Over the long run, the two series show a close relationship. Learning Objectives Define macroeconomics and identify the main users of macroeconomics Key Takeaways Key Points For most macroeconomists, the purpose of this discipline is to maximize national income and provide national economic growth.

difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics pdf

Not only does macroeconomics aid our inflation analysis, but also aids the analysis and understanding of deflation. Macroeconomics is used to understand microeconomics.

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Keeping yourself at per with the current market trends enables you to tap into the incoming business due to satisfied customers. Incomplete policies — there are no completely formulated policies to help propel the macroeconomic objectives like stable income rates, and stable employment considering that economists are still in the process of analyzing and establishing all of these policies. Microeconomics stresses on individual economic units. This implies that as an entrepreneur, you need to get yourself equipped with the trending products and services and always monitor the latest market trends. In order to achieve most if not all of the above factors, you must have a set budget that offers you the best deal at an affordable price. Macroeconomic policy[ edit ] Macroeconomic policy is usually implemented through two sets of tools: fiscal and monetary policy. Economists measure these changes in prices with price indexes. Review Questions What is the difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics? On a microeconomic level, this has several effects.

Microeconomics does consider how macroeconomic forces impact the world, but it focuses on how those forces impact individual firms and industries. Similarly, a declining economy can lead to deflation. Scope Covers various issues like demand, supply, product pricing, factor pricing, production, consumption, economic welfare, etc.

difference between micro and macro economics pdf

Both approaches are useful, and both examine the same lake, but the viewpoints are different. Differences Between Macroeconomics and Microeconomics Macroeconomics Macroeconomics is the study of the performance, structure, behavior and decision-making of an economy as a whole. Main article: Unemployment A chart using US data showing the relationship between economic growth and unemployment expressed by Okun's law.

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If technology reduces costs, this enables faster economic growth. For instance, if you choose to use a bicycle to get to your office because you cannot afford the bus fare, you can no longer be able to redeem the lost time for cash. For instance, the policy methods employed to solve issues like liquidity trap may prove to be ineffective hence requiring repeated attempts, which may lead to fast deterioration of the economy. Potential house seekers will gladly occupy this apartment, but the property owner, on the other hand, will be missing out on a significant amount of income, and hence not maximizing utility. Investors of mutual funds or interest rate-sensitive securities should keep an eye on monetary and fiscal policy. Lucas also made an influential critique of Keynesian empirical models. Differences between microeconomics and macroeconomics The main difference is that micro looks at small segments and macro looks at the whole economy.
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Microeconomics and Macroeconomics