Factors that contribute in retaining employees

Organizations who do not know how to recognize their employees fail in the long run. He actively participates for the growth of corporate culture and keeps himself updated in this space. Figure out what really matters to your employees first. Incentives for top performers are important.

Factors affecting employee retention in office

Give them visibility. Financial and non-financial rewards do the trick in this aspect. Start with communication. The first day should be a warm welcome that includes a team lunch, introductions to other departments, and tips on where to get the best morning coffee or happy-hour beer. More than 1. Another study found that promotion opportunities were a major psychological factor in job satisfaction. Offer perks employees really want. Be flexible. Employees who feel fulfilled perform well and want to come to work each day. On average, they made about 35 percent more than low performers and 27 percent more than core performers. Employees who are bored or feel trapped will go somewhere else that gives them the room needed to grow their skills.

Or are they given a pat on the back and sent right back into the mix? The stress created by a lack of health support or stress management outlets can negatively impact every area of the business.

employee retention articles

When goals are met, give those responsible the spotlight. It turns out Nowadays employees long for flexible work schedules which allow them to take care of both their personal and professional life. Have extra budget for courses, conferences, and books and offer open lines of communication for employee feedback.

A sense of security is a must for every employee. Show employees that you value them. While our study showed that money does make a difference, it is not the end-all solution to employee retention. When these skilled employees walk out of the door, it becomes difficult to find good replacements.

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8 Essential Employee Retention Factors Modern Employers Ignore