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Speaking from Fiji, where she had just delivered a keynote address for Allianz Insurance's annual sales conference, she said that while the audience was tipped towards men they still chose a woman to deliver a challenging, funny, diverse keynote. Hell no! Considering no target was set, that result was promising and displays a commitment to change. Advertisement Corporate Australia, fearing government mandates, is already moving with its own voluntarily targets. It was not until , with the passage of Title IX , which I proudly helped champion , that things began to change. Change must be driven from and reflected by the top. Only 40 per cent said they had access to training to better equip them for jobs. Put more women on your boards. Larger text size Very large text size Last week, the international payments company PayPal was attacked for organising an all-male panel to discuss "gender equality and inclusion in the workplace". Yet discrimination against women persists in many areas, including in the athletic arena, even as attitudes around gender-based stereotypes continue to evolve. She went fighting for Bellator and was stopped in each of her losses. These courses may also include physical training, perfecting boxing sequences, or how to master the glove-to-glove combat between athletes. The executive director of the U. It is not uncommon for a former champion of the UK to become a coach, to give group lessons or private lessons, on the Internet or in-home.

The page report also found workplaces were ill-equipped to meet the career aspirations of young women. What Are the Benefits of Boxing?

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Damien Larkins: ABC News While much is changing in the media sector, one thing never seems to: white, middle-aged men continue to dominate in front of the cameras and microphones.

Would you like to feel the confidence a fighter embodies? Do you simply have a lot of stress in your life that you need to work out?

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Having input from more people with differing viewpoints, challenges the norm, and can lead to better job satisfaction and outcomes.

Dr James Fox often refers conference organisers to female conference bingo, when he asks for women to be included on panels with him. Among the many actions the IOC is taking is the bold step of calling for increasing female participation at the Olympic Games to 50 per cent, as stated in Olympic Agenda Despite the statistical evidence proving diversity is good for business, Centre for Gender Economics and Innovation chairwoman Susanne Moore says that in most Australian companies, women are still seen as a cost.

It was not untilwith the passage of Title IXwhich I proudly helped championthat things began to change.

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These are some other recent examples of local and international findings: The Women in Media Report by Women's Leadership Institute Australia found female sources accounted for 20 per cent of all news commentary in Australia's major metro and national newspapers.

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WBO champ Heather Hardy blasts boxing's gender pay gap