File system and tree view pane

When disabling a tree view, also disable any associated labels and command buttons. Predictability and discoverability A tree view is based on the relationships between objects.

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One solution is to place each object under the single most appropriate container regardless of the circumstances; another approach is to place each object under all containers that apply.

Guidelines Presentation Within a container, sort the items in a logical order. Those messages are either file or directory events, and contain both a pathname and the stat object corresponding to the file.

Typically, these tree views have an associated control that displays the content of the selected container, so users can interact with only one container at a time. We have three handlers for events emitted by that component: nodeClick Handles clicks on items nodeDoubleClick Handles double-clicks on items nodeDrop Handles drag-and-drop operations on items In this demo application each prints information in the information pane.

File system and tree view pane

Support organizing data into groups, forming a two-level hierarchy. Prefer breadth over depth. Include an additional 30 percent to accommodate localization. Tree organization Use a natural hierarchical structure that's familiar to most users. If you refer back to the Main process you see this message causes the chosen directory to be scanned. If a user first finds the device in Multimedia, the user may conclude that all devices like music players appear in the Multimedia container. In a tree, objects that contain data are called leaf nodes and objects that contain other objects are called container nodes. Provide context menus of relevant commands. The classic tree view of folders and directories from Windows Vista and XP has been replaced by a list of groups like Favorites, Libraries, Homegroup, Computer, and Network. In this example from Internet Explorer, users can build their own list of favorites by using a dialog box.

Very often a list view is a simpler, yet more powerful choice. Include an additional 30 percent to accommodate localization. Use sentence-style capitalization. Usage patterns Tree views have several usage patterns: Tree views with only container nodes users can view and interact with one container at a time.

Ideally, a tree should have no more than four levels not counting the root node and the most commonly accessed objects should appear in the first two levels.

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