Goals after graduate

Knowing your strong qualities and applying them to your chosen career would definitely give you a brighter future.

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My future plans after college

What an adult I was! Is the real world all cotton candy and unicorn rides? Buy your own food. For example, while an Ivy League degree may impress on Wall Street, students who are passionate about film are better prepared with a degree from the University of Southern California or New York University. You are now an adult and with age, comes responsibility —and these include bills to pay and mouths to feed. Student loans will continue to pile up when you decide to continue to higher education so it is essential to prepare for it financially. But sometimes, misery loves company and recruits it too. I once did and assumed the company I worked for would handle a healthcare issue I had. Before you start drafting a mind-map of your most ideal careers, consider the nagging voices of your parents. There are many good benefits in joining the military such as access to benefits like health care, vacation, and college tuition reimbursement. Your ability to make money will only be limited by your ability to hustle. Taxes, K enrollment, healthcare, apartment contracts… Prepare to be awash in forms that make the Apple iTunes agreement seem pleasant. While some teenagers see high school as a chore and something to get through and leave behind, the truth is that your life will change as soon as you graduate. What am I doing with my life?

Now you have bills to pay, bosses to please and your parents to take care of. Overseas Options — Some senior who wish to put off college can choose to travel overseas to experience a foreign culture.

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I once did and assumed the company I worked for would handle a healthcare issue I had. This post was written by Suyin Leow from iPrice Group.

future plans after graduation

Sure, doing a Masters or PhD.

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Personal Goals After Graduation