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While nicotine is the addictive substance in cigarettes, it is relatively harmless.

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Those aged 65 years and above continue to have the lowest prevalence rates at 8. All healthcare professionals should identify and refer smokers using the method known as Very Brief Advice VBA which has 3 components, Ask, Advise and Act: ASK and record smoking status; is the patient a smoker, ex-smoker, or non-smoker?

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In Stop smoking support options and their effectiveness This edition of Health Matters focuses on the stop smoking support options that are available in order of effectiveness. Sticking to the "not a drag" rule can really help.

If you do decide to quit, the adviser can help you form an action plan and set a quit date, usually in a week or so. When you quit, this withdrawal may cause symptoms like cravings, or urges, to smoke; depression; trouble sleeping; irritability; anxiety; and increased appetite. Expert face-to-face support There is clear evidence that the most effective way to quit smoking is with expert behavioural support from local stop smoking services combined with stop smoking aids.

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