Grass cutter rearing business plan

Purchasing the grass cutters. They can breed either in properly-built cages or specially-designed houses.

grass cutter animal nigeria

Expenditure Items Equipment: Feeding trough water trough i. Of course, this is an advantage to hunters, farmers or animal rearers. Other things that could be used in feeding the animal include Gliricidia sepium, leguminous plants like Stylo Stylosanthes gracilis and Pueraria phaseoloides.

If YES, then i advice you read on. When placing grasscutters in their pens, you should ensure that each colony would be about 1 male to 4 to 6 females. One mature male is mated to 5 females by colony or mass mating per year.

grass cutter rearing business plan

However, ensure that you do not sell all your adult grass cutters at a go, as you still need some to continue with reproduction. Your selling price will depend on the size of the grass cutter.

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Grasscutter Farming In Nigeria: Comprehensive Business Plan