How to write a manga storyline

how to draw manga

Divide the cards into these three categories. Analyze your favorite manga, but also look at Western underground graphic novels and foreign live action films. These shots are usually larger than the average-sized frame the manga-ka draws because he wants to include more detail in the setting.

Based on the real-life writings of the famous ninja Hattori Hanzo. Take each plot point from your outline and write on its own note card.

how to make a manga story plot

In this Sho development stage, the tempo of the story should steadily increase. Using examples from his own book, he guides us through each step! For a page story, you'll probably want 20 pages of introduction, 60 pages of main plot, and 20 pages for the conclusion.

You'll need to give some background to your story and you'll want enough current action to keep the reader intrigued for your next installment. For the kind of historical or biographical books that I often do there is quite a bit of research involved.

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Writing Manga Step by Step Guide and Tips