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In addition, there is a less developed frontal lobe in cases of ADHD. It was in vain that Copernicus pretended, that, notwithstanding the prejudices of sense, this circular motion might be as natural to the Planets, as it is to a stone to fall to the ground.

It rarely happens, that nature can be mathematically exact with regard to the figure of the objects she produces, upon account of the infinite combinations of impulses, which must conspire to the production of each of her effects.

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Those spots are often broken and dispelled, by the violent agitation of the particles of the first element, as has hitherto happily been the case with those which have successively been formed upon the face of our Sun. These motor delays are helped by physical therapists.

Could we be certain that posterity would sanction our award, we should grant it without scruple, even to an enemy and a rival.

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