Management and leadership compare and contrast

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Management principles are based on certain behavioral aspects that may be changed due to the changes in business environment and organizational culture Rost, To start with, both leadership and management can be used to define group behavior in a professional business setting.

A manager relies on control, whereas a leader inspires trust: A leader is a person who pushes employees to do their best and knows how to set an appropriate pace and tempo for the rest of the group. Leadership is change-savvy, visionary, agile, creative, and adaptive.

Leadership is not necessarily more important than management, and one does not replace the other.

Management and leadership compare and contrast

A Project Management Office within the organization would be responsible for developing and enforcing those organizationwide processes and procedures, along with managing the portfolio of projects within the organization. Managing People: One responsibility of a manager is controlling a group in order to accomplish a specific goal.

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Although you might find success using management principles in project management, being successful using just leadership principles is less likely. Managers stick with what works, refining systems, structures and processes to make them better. Looking at leadership and management, they are two distinct ideals to me. Definition of Leadership The skill of leading a group of people and inspiring them towards a direction is known as Leadership. In an organisation, you can see both management and leadership. Below are four important traits of a manager: The ability to execute a Vision: Managers build a strategic vision and break it down into a roadmap for their team to follow. The leadership aspect is not just about the actual deliverable of a business objective, though; it is also about building the confidence and abilities of the team members through the life of the project. Leaders focus on people — all the stakeholders they need to influence in order to realize their vision. This involves providing the policies and procedures that will be followed by the project team as they carry out their assigned responsibilities. Conclusion As you have seen, the role of a project manager combines not only managerial skills but leadership skills as well. In conclusion, it is necessary to say that leadership and management are two important terms that have been widely discussed in the world of business. Are you a manager or a leader? Leaders start from different thing — from finding allies. Motivating and inspiring people, the leaders call to their enthusiasm. This means that about the new course of development is told to everyone who can help gather like-minded people believing in the dream of a better future for the company and determined to make it a reality.

So they both go side by side as a complement to each other. They embrace change and know that even if things are working, there could be a better way forward. Hughes, Richard. People Focused: Managers are known to look after and cater to the needs of the people they are responsible for: listening to them, involving them in certain key decisions, and accommodating reasonable requests for change to contribute to increased productivity.

It requires a good vision of thinking across the boundaries.

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At the same time, they are not the same. They work with individuals and their goals and objectives. Any effort to separate the two within an organisation is likely to cause more problems than it solves. Leadership Practices and Concepts Many of the tasks of a project manager are managerial in nature, but there is a strong need for leadership skills in any successful project manager. I need to lay the foundation for success before adding layers of complexity with other departments. Leaders coach, managers direct. Management is all about the arrangement and maintenance of the 5M while leadership is about persuading people in a positive direction for digging out talent in them. They control situations to reach or exceed their objectives. The answer involves the organizational structure in which a project manager functions. A leader has immense knowledge of all the current trends, advancements, and skillsets—and has clarity of purpose and vision. Leaders are change agents, managers maintain the status quo. Project Leadership and the Art of Managing Relationship. Unlike managers, leaders are followed because of their personality, behavior, and beliefs. Project management principles help to ensure that the appropriate planning takes place before the expense of adding resources to a project. You are more likely to be successful employing both management and leadership principles with a project team.

Leaders have people who go beyond following them; their followers become their raving fans and fervent promoters — helping them build their brand and achieve their goals. Leaders are willing to be themselves. Therefore, leadership to me is an additional level of skills placed on top of management skills that a project manager can employ to improve chances of success in project completion.

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9 Differences Between Being A Leader And A Manager