Meet and greet gossip girl cast

Really, she was the only royal fit for Queen B.

gossip girl cast season 2

Lily then arrives home and Jenny escorts her upstairs to buy Rufus time to set up. When Jenny has to step away to help someone else, he notices Eleanor in her office. I dunno.

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Now: The jump to Gossip Girl was actually great for Hilary's career. He goes to shake her hand but Blair ends up kissing him on the cheek.

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Chuck explains that Georgina has a recording device in her bag and once they get a tape of her talking money, they can blackmail her into giving the money back. At Dean Berube's house, Blair approaches Serena as she tries to write down her answer to the dean's question. Now: Penn Badgley certainly has shades of Dan in him: He was also too smart for high school he started college at She refuses and asks Rufus to remember the dreams he had when he was fifteen and to ask himself if he would have told them to wait. Now: Michelle Trachtenberg had the perfect inspo for Georgina — her own teenage years at a prestigious but vicious private school. She then says that she's not but she knows he scammed everyone; and he can stay safe so long as he returns the money. Teacher, meet student. Meanwhile, Dan finds Lily and tells her about Gabriel's scam, as well as Serena thinking she can get it back herself. Blair argues that Jesus brought her back to entrap Poppy as a way to earn her forgiveness, since she's been seeking it. They were friendly, but they were not friends like Serena and Blair. He agrees and says he was using the apartment to force their issues but he thinks it's too big of a step. However, he doesn't think she handled it the right way and she replies that she doesn't want to talk about it anymore. It felt like we were in the center of a marketing machine, a cultural pop phenomenon. Nate realizes that he can use the trip to escape the drama with his father, an idea Chuck encourages.

It really felt like life imitating art. At the Russian Tea Room, the gang and Georgina arrive.

Meet and greet gossip girl cast

She asks him if what he feels for her is real, or if he sees it as just a game. Blair, the Veronica, inspires fear; Serena, the Betty, inspires envy. Confused, Blair admits that while she isn't as charming or easygoing like Serena, everything worthy knowing about her is in the packet. Blair admits that she doesn't want to not know Serena, and Serena says that they had the fight because they're scared of being separated in the coming year. She then says that she's not but she knows he scammed everyone; and he can stay safe so long as he returns the money. So, [Leighton] went to the sink and dyed her hair. He answers that it was a mistake and leaves. You know what?
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