Mobile personal trainer business plan

None of these are optional by the way. Not all marketing costs money, it can be done through word of mouth, special events and being out and about meeting people.

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That and the fact there are more overweight and obese people than ever before. What You Need to Get Started in a Personal Trainer Home Business If you're still intrigued by starting a personal training business, getting started doesn't take much time. I became the go-to guy for everything home training.

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But the model is always the same: one instructor shares their time with one client. In California alone in the United States, there are over 34, registered tutors. As trainers we go to primarily female clients' homes and provide for them a one hour personal training session in the comfort of their home, garage, apartment, or backyard.

Therefore, you have to place yourself as an expert in your town. Some options include offering a free minute training session or evaluation, attend fitness fairs, and YouTube videos showing a specific fitness move.

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The pitch should capture their interest. You own and run your own business.

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Mobile Personal Trainer Career