Nestle functional strategy

Their main strategy is to create low-cost, highly efficient operations make a universally ability products, and 6 to improve communications with their consumers.

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IUF [online]. For instance, the entire operational procedure of Nestle S. Therefore, through this particular technique, Nestle managed to improve sustainability and efficiency while sustaining high quality products Smale, and Nestle Nespresso, Also, Nido, as emerging product in nutrition milk became very popular in in Asia Timmons, Harvard Business Review, January-February, p.

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Their product lines are divided into many sub-categories, like baby food, bottled waters, dairy products, chocolates, drinks and etc. In order to maintain the competitive advantage, Nestle uses the Roadmap, which follows the company into three levels; the corporate strategy, the subsidiary strategy and the global strategy Husted, Accordingly, Nestle adopted the GLOBE program for the harmonization and the simplification of the whole business structure in order to ensure the establishment of best practices from the purchasing activities to production planning and the customer service.

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People, culture, values and attitude These are the strategies used by Nestl to ensure that it succeeds in the market. Sustainable Brands [online]. A has been awarded as the 41th most respected and well-known brands globally. Nestle split Nespresso unit from Nescafe, as the last one observed that Nespresso would steal its sales. Each product is placed differently in the Boston Matrix, which ranks the products according to the business growth rate and the relative market share Witcher and Chau, Unlike their competitors marketing, Nestle is able to support their strong brands with their influencing powers of nutritional products Nestl also goes above its competitors using its strategy of unmatched research and development capability. Bowman, C. York, E. The AAA program is a mutual approach with commitment and a voluntary initiative designed by Nespresso for the development of clusters of farms with the same characteristics of coffee varieties, aroma, oil etc. MarketLine 21 February Nestle S. References Alton, J. GLOBE Program In conclusion, according to Schonberger , there is a robust symbiotic connection between lean production and total quality management.
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