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The members of the Millimurra family, which comes to include Mary, are thus, attempting to make the 'silence' heard and to display the forced injustice, not only of the perpetrations, but also of the silencing, this is the aim of No Sugar.

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It reflects their priority as First Australians. Offices of white authority — replete with their separate entrances for black and white — frame the stage and encroach upon Aboriginal spaces.

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In performance, such a scene would command an appalled silence. Gran remembers gathering a huge bag of seeds, but now the wetjala have cut down the trees and they are difficult to find. Nyoongah is in fact a language derived from the various diverse Aboriginal languages that existed prior to colonization in the west of Australia. Turcotte, Gerry, ed. Fremantle: Fremantle Arts Centre Press, They are meant to be in the quarantine camp but there is no need for it. Hence the symbolism of the hygiene throughout the play. The magpie and the crow are important creatures in Nyoongah culture. Sydney: Picador, That Deadman Dance. Right from the opening of the play, Gran and Milly are preoccupied with cleanliness and are dismayed at the restriction of soap in their rations. Davis p. In Frow et al. In court and in the police cells, he repeatedly interrupts the white authority figures with his fiery ripostes.

To open the silence, thus, to the possibility of sound, No Sugar counterposes instances of disparity between the colonial power and the aboriginal people. It is a demonstration of the horrible treatment of Indigenous Australi I generally think plays were meant to be watched rather than read, and this is a recurring feeling while reading No Sugar.

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He understands that they are treated unequally, but really does nothing to try and stop it. In No Sugar, the Aboriginal residents of Northam are objectified and cast out as unwanted nuisances from white Australian space. Jimmy also makes clear that the imposition of a white 'notion' on a another human race is 'criminal'. Neal throws the tobacco contemptuously on the floor to Billy who must go and search for the runaways. Copy to Clipboard. They cannot accost the aggressors on their own terms having 'lost' the 'space' of 'their own terms' - space which is personal as well as communal; Ashcroft, Griffiths and Tiffin note that: A valid and active sense of self may have been eroded by dislocation, resulting from migration, the experience of enslavement, transportation, or 'voluntary' removal for indentured labour. With them was a reminder of the dangers they faced, in the shape of three lorries… carrying Aborigines. Old man, what's that one? Mr Neville is constantly cost-cutting. Milly protests, in Act One - Scene Two, about the cessation of soap from the government rations given to the aborigines kept in settlements : 'MILLY: Whose idea was it to stop the soap?

The stereotypical view of First Australians as perpetuated by the authorities in order to justify the oppression and what Davis depicts as scandalous and dehumanising treatment.

They are ridiculed because of their apparent ignorance of a system that criminalises them through no fault of their own Gilbert p.

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Jimmy suddenly died of a heart condition, what could his family complain?

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(PDF) Resistance and Rhetoric in Jack Davis' No Sugar