Pestle analysis oxfam

It also diversified in the manner it deals with issues such as poverty in Africa and global warming in developed countries. I was surprised to see just how much was covered in the technology category. Pay levels influence Oxfam in both bad and good ways. Ethical Starbucks is criticized for its role in Ethiopian coffee and Starbucks licensing agreement.

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Thus, the objectives to market this are: Improve on its ability to advertise its brand and thus raise awareness through social platforms and activities within one month. Those six topics can help you better understand issues that your company may be facing. In the 21st century, both not-for-profit and profit organization face diverse challenges.

Pestle analysis oxfam

This programs shall monitor the effectiveness of the reward programs employed under different jurisdictions. Marketing and Environmental Analysis The organization target market gives focus to people who want assistance from different global parts that primarily rely on the charitable organizations sector. They have also allegedly stolen designs from merchants on Etsy. Collaboration between and amongst these affiliates is overseen and supported by OI Oxfam International secretariat. Oxfam International:Who we are. The budget was subdivided within the projects as depicted in table 3. To further its goal, Oxfam is known to constantly release reports the situation of rights and reduction of poverty through its website and blogs.

It is because there is no need for advertising the firm in such a big manner. Initiate programs that shall search, motivate and encourage volunteers and its employees to participate in poverty reduction and championing of human rights all over the world in three months.

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OXFAM Marketing Plan