Political unrest in bangladesh

Political unrest in bangladesh

A number of extra BSF personnel have been deployed, the paper reports. As per the procurement is concern the manufacturer have to buy the raw material from somewhere else and as a result the cost will go up. The average loss per day were crore rupees. The two provinces are separated from each other by more than 1, km of Indian territory. It had slowed down triggering shortage of cement, stone chips, fish and electronic goods which were imported from Bangladesh. The turnout has been low. You can help by adding to it. He is succeeded by Abdus Sattar. India has long demanded an extradition treaty with Bangladesh, which was not forthcoming due to an adversarial relationship with the previous regime in Dhaka. At this crucial juncture, New Delhi must reach out and support all democratic stakeholders in Dhaka to mitigate distrust and break the cycle of violence plaguing Bangladeshi polity. The political situation worsens. Now there are wider implications. Search our content:. This, sources say, could see retaliation on minorities in troubled states of north-east like Assam and revive a situation similar to May-June when it saw raging riots. The recent signing of a new extradition treaty and visa regime between India and Bangladesh, signed by Indian home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde and his Bangladeshi counterpart Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir, marks a major shift in their relationship.

Thus, cooperation in this sector is a win- win situation for all. Tripura, Meghalaya and Assam export fertilizer, precious stones, fruit, spare parts and forest produce, among others, to Bangladesh.

The region is looking for business investments in the hydroelectricity sector through the build-own operate and transfer basis. It will mean that Bangladesh can get access to its burgeoning middle class market, estimated between million people.

Present political situation in bangladesh 2018

Please help improve this section if you can. Large untapped capacity for power generation in North Eastern India can feed power starved Bangladesh. The political situation worsens. The Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has taken steps in this matter. While both countries largely stand to benefit from the agreement, the issue of illegal immigration is a sticking point. The latter's geographical linkages to India's northeast makes Dhaka an important player in our Look East policy architecture. The specific problem is: It will never be completed, we should summarise the section. Currently, China is the largest trading partner of Bangladesh. On earlier occasions, from the late seventies, the political contests were more for direct control of state power. Some of the important sector in which bi lateral trade is very important are Energy: North Eastern states have hydropower energy of more than 63, MW.

The political situation worsens. You can help by adding to it. With a porous, shared border more than kilometers long, many poor Bangladeshis illegally enter India to find work. Furthermore, Indian investment and technology can help strengthen Bangladesh's food processing sector Tourism: The NER offers unlimited tourism opportunities - with its moderate climate for most of the year, rare flora and fauna, naturals scenic beauty, unique performing arts, and varied cuisine and handicrafts, the region is an ideal spot for tourism.

Given historical, political and cultural linkages, neighboring India can hardly be a mute spectator to developments in Bangladesh. The Awami League has denied allegations that its officials beat up students.

political crisis in bangladesh 2018

Around Indian trucks were stranded at Benapole. Bangladesh exports clothes, leather, food, confectionery, stone chips, cement and construction material, jewelry, processed food and fish.

Just under 10 million Bangladeshis flee to India as troops from West Pakistan are defeated with Indian assistance. The polity and state institutions have been smothered to a great extent.

present political situation in bangladesh 2019

Khan questioned why there was such an uproar over the two Dhaka children but no reaction when 33 people were killed in an Indian bus crash the day before.

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(PPT) Political and Social unrest in Bangladesh