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It was compulsory to pass the Part A examinations and assessment first before being allowed to take Part B.

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Criteria: purpose, editing, format, sequencing success, critical analysis, discussion of evidence and findings. Whether you want a programme which will prepare you to undertake a postgraduate programme with the School of Management, or are looking for a stand-alone management qualification, this programme is aimed at you.

This unit introduces learners to the principles of marketing strategies.

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Concepts: demand and supply management, push and pull models, enterprise resource planning ERPvendor managed inventory VMIefficient consumer response ECRvalue chains, lean supply, global SCM, contribution to business objectives.

A variety of elective modules and a professional management project will enable you to focus on the particular areas of management that interest you most.

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The unit also explores how a manager can interact effectively in different cultural settings and influence the development of a desired organizational culture. Handy, Hofstede, Schein.

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How web-based applications contribute to the full integration of the supply chain Individual elements: the use of intranets and extranets in building value chains for organizations linked in the supply chain, order processing, web-based EDI, tracking systems. Originally there was also a lower age limit for entry of 35 years old, but this requirement was subsequently dropped as managers above that age found that the qualification had no value in achieving employment or promotion above Cultural hegemony and imperialism: nation-states and national culture and business practice, differences between culture and ethnicity, avoiding xenophobic practice, observing cultural practice and impact on management practice, exploring local understanding. The strengths and weaknesses of the current internal communication processes Internal communication processes: efficient and effective, integrated and coordinated systems, communication channels and flows, the grapevine, networking, conferences, newsletters and company magazines, video conferencing, email and websites, roadshows, seminars, training and appraisals, team meetings, team briefing processes, updating systems, vertical teams, action sets, lateral, downward and upward communication systems. Methods to improve personal and professional skills: Professional skills: counseling and mentoring to support staff with their own learning and development requirements, coaching skills, multitasking, leadership skills, theories of leadership eg. A diploma is often earned as a post graduate degree, and many of the students already have some experience with management, although not all programs require this. A management diploma can help students learn how to manage projects, departments, and teams for businesses of all sizes. In addition, managers need to be aware of current and developing national and European legislation. Cultural differences Globalisation theory: globalizers, traditionalists, transformers, managing across cultures, opportunities and threats. As a result, organizations can either progress or perish. Weber, Mintzberg, Handy, different forms of structure and design and how these impact on HR, e. It also provides a suitable qualification for those wishing to change career or move into employment in management following a career break. This unit introduces learners to the principles of marketing strategies. It was compulsory to pass the Part A examinations and assessment first before being allowed to take Part B.
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