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Hawthorne himself, as is well known, changed his family name from Hathorne, to distance himself from those Puritan ancestors whose achievements and excesses haunted his fiction.

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So what do you do with this information? But while Hester is treated as an outcast, Dimmesdale is praised as an honorable guy—even though they participated in the same sin. Nathaniel Hawthorne draws striking parallelism between secrets held and the physical and mental states of those who hold them.

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These characters are identified as puritans who fought inner demons between lies and their sanity. In this story of deception and adultery set in the Puritan era, Hawthorne introduces Dimmesdale as a weak and cowardly man who refuses to take responsibility for his actions. Pearl then screams and shouts at her mother for what she had done until she puts her letter back on. Which factors define it? All of the characters in the book were somehow affected by the main sin, which was adultery. He decides that her public humiliation is torture enough and decides to find her lover and take revenge on him—which he does. It might be difficult to read and comprehend.

The Influence of Puritans on Modern American Society Puritans are often mischaracterized as overly strict and moral persons whose lives revolve around killjoy attitudes and laws against all innocent social pleasures.

Hypocrisy is a dominant theme throughout the novel, Scarlet Letter, as Here are some general instructions on how to analyze a composition: Define the thesis and the purpose of the composition.

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Before he dies the only person who is not afraid to question Mr.

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