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The faculty supervisor may choose to allow the submission of written work after that deadline, as if it were an independent study. Students must work independently to select and secure the consent of the First and Second Readers to serve as their thesis mentors and readers, and to secure all required signatures.

honors thesis berkeley

Students must also email a. There is no class. This will prepare them for experimental research and design necessary for completing their own project.

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In lecture classes, students can be passive. Students who are otherwise eligible may not be admitted because of limited seating. In this scenario, solving the structure of Protein X is only one step towards addressing the question, but much more interesting because the reader understands and appreciates the big picture.

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MCB faculty have all seen page theses that would have been much improved in a shorter format, as well as page theses that were underdeveloped. Study in a breadth area outside the EECS department, consisting of at least three upper division courses totaling at least 10 units These courses may be taken in a single department, or in related departments if they address a unifying theme. Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to start early to find a sponsor, preferably during the spring semester of their junior year. No email submissions. This thesis will not be posted on the web without permission. Should they decide not to, the department is able to provide an official letter confirming the student's completion. Work in Economics through the Haas Scholars Program can also be used to meet the research requirement for Economics. Is that ok with you? Basic Concepts Traditionally, the thesis is written in the format of a research paper with Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results including tables and figures , Discussion, and References. A hypothesis is a suggested explanation for a phenomenon — it is experimentally testable and allows one to predict outcomes of experiments. Applications are due May 15th for the following Fall semester, and December 15th for the following Spring semester.
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Senior Honors Thesis