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Despite technological improvements, many American lifestyle changes have put higher demands on heating and cooling resources. Using proper design of building, iv. Use Washing Machine to its full capacity.

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Adopt large scale ironing. The National Appliance Energy Conservation Act authorized the Department of Energy to set minimum efficiency standards for space conditioning equipment and other appliances each year, based on what is "technologically feasible and economically justified". Smart power bars, which detect when attached devices are in standby or phantom load mode, are examples of direct home energy saving devices.

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From the above mentioned strategies or techniques, adopted for electrical energy conservation in domestic sector indicates huge energy saving potential. Microwave will work more efficiently if the inside surfaces are clean. Always use the second side of paper, either by printing on both sides or using the blank side as scrap paper. There is a need to resort to energy management. And make sure the fan in use in the downdraft vent is not too large since that would waste energy too. So it is essential to save the energy by using optimum insulation thickness. Determine the effectiveness of any energy-saving changes that have been made. The energy related problems are as old as years ago. Thermal conservation applies also to other mediums. Use dimmers, motion sensors or occupancy sensors to automatically turn off lighting when not in use to reduce energy use and costs. Diesel -powered transport trains, merchant ships, heavy trucks, etc. However, in both cases it has an average power of 2 kW. Use energy efficient products. Reading your electrical and gas meter on a regular basis and logging the results in a spreadsheet, is a great way to get a clearer picture of your energy usage. Consumers have also been asked to adopt a wider indoor temperature range e.

Population growth means contracting more buildings, which increases energy expenditure. They use only one-fourth the energy of the former and last times longer.

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Maximizing the use of day light by proper designing, v. Or, even better still, use statistics that are directly relevant to energy consumption on your floor of the building, or in your particular department. Green buildings which use natural light and energy- efficient materials save a lot of energy by reducing the need for more lights and air-conditioners, central heating, etc. Optimizing thermostat levels so the temperature is appropriate at night, weekends, etc. Call the gas company to check it. Periodical inspection of wiring may be done to defect leakage if any. Use electronic regulators for the fans. Clean bulbs and tube lights periodically to avoid reduction in illumination. As a cheaper alternative to the purchase of a new furnace or air conditioner, most public utilities encourage smaller changes the consumer can make. It was part of a campaign for action on climate change. A vehicle's gas mileage normally decreases rapidly at speeds above 55 miles per hour. Use energy data that contains the necessary level of detail: Accrue month-month energy-performance tracking is rarely possible without the level of detail contained within interval energy data. What sort of energy do they use e. Direct Home Energy Saving Devices: Here are some home energy saving devices that are specifically designed to save you energy and that work well for that purpose: i.

Apart from the energy savings, the hot water can be used for other purposes like washing and cooking during the summer when hot water is not necessary for bath. The building sector consumes the major part of energy. Weekly or monthly meter readings will never be able to tell you how much energy your building is using at different times throughout each day and on the different days of the week — this level of detail really is necessary to calculate the focused personalized figures that can have the biggest impact on the energy awareness of your staff.

Does anyone come in on weekends or holidays? What could happen if we do not start conserving the different kinds of energy we have left?

As we know in the domestic sector buildings are involved.

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