Should college football players be paid to play

What possible difficulties or downsides might there be in providing monetary compensation to players?

should d1 college athletes be paid

All rights reserved. Pielke rejects the idea that because only some of the sports are profitable other, less popular sports would be affected. The school eats it all up.

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There is something wrong with the fact that the players aren't paid what they're worth. Fans were asking the question. And get that degree.

Should college football players be paid to play

That is how the college sports economy works, even as Duke; its conference, the Atlantic Coast Conference; television networks; and, of course, Nike, the apparel company that sponsors Duke and made the shoe that so spectacularly ripped apart, reap billions of dollars from the efforts and talents of preprofessional athletes like Williamson. Why or why not? If they aren't doing something directly involved with their respective sport then they're studying For starters these "full ride" scholarships are actually on year scholarships that the school can choose to renew or not. When direct payments to the players cannot be made, indirect payments are. Let me help you out. Huma cited the example of a top football player who found himself with a more serious injury a few years ago; that player elected to end his college career prematurely, to limit the risk to his professional payday. And it has to be healthy too. This is a killer, even for big programs. McDavis writes: Paying student-athletes might sound like a fairer way to treat students who generate so much money and attention for their colleges not to mention the television networks that broadcast their games. How often will they receive pay? Whether you make it there or not, make sure and send a thank you note to the school who gave you unlimited opportunities. According the U. If you were in NCAA management, would you recommend changing the current practice?

With most commercial airlines dinging you for a second bag and excessive weight, can anyone even imagine what those charges were? Players need to start showing up and playing and instead of thinking they can coast through the games and land an NFL gig.

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He points to college courses as an example of how it would work. Despite all of the complications, Davis says student-athletes would benefit financially from the salaries.

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It costs approximately bucks a month per person for decent insurance. Just for travel. Why should a perennial third stringer get paid to sit on a bench? Will a salary for college-athletes ever come to be? Act spoiled and want to live on your own? Facebook Logo. Coaches might have a big effect on a team, but it is up to the athletes to get it done. With the funds that would have gone to athlete salaries, for example, schools spend additional funds on locker rooms, weight rooms, training facilities, and spend more money on tutors, advisers, trainers and coaches. He says that as a former player and someone who came from a low-income household, he can understand the allure of being paid to play. Facebook Logo. However, he believes paying players would fundamentally change the game and could end up hurting schools. This includes tuition, room, board, and books if you enroll at a college with high tuition. First, student athletes do not have time to get a job. Most profits from college athletics do not go toward academics.

A school that spent at least a million on you, the bench warmer, to represent the school. Should we pay em' or not?

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Three Reasons Why College Athletes Should Not Get Paid The difference for college athletes is marginal in term of money If salaries were to replace scholarships in college sports, athletes would not earn much more. Ohio State had to charter two planes. The following are just some of the questions that pinpoint the complexities: Who will pay the college athletes the NCAA or colleges? Beyond salaries, if schools and the NCAA ever decided to allow student-athletes to profit off of their name, image or likeness, Davis says that would add another layer of complexity to their tax situation. Players need to start showing up and playing and instead of thinking they can coast through the games and land an NFL gig. To increase the efficiency of payments to college players, universities should pay them directly. Copyright Scripps Media, Inc. When cost of attendance stipends were added, players were offered another level of compensation. Housing allowance. Parental mentoring.

The debate over whether student-athletes should be paid could go on and on.

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College Athletes Are Worth Millions. They Should Be Paid Like It.