Spm bio revision note

Shuken stomata prevent excessive water loss 4.

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Interactive learning makes it more fun. Air inhaled into buccal cavity.

Spm bio revision note

Physics Physics is pure application, imagination and understanding. Write down all the definition and formulas in a piece of paper. Cellular respiration that oxidise glucose to produce energy ATP with enzyme to catalyse Adaptation of respiratory surface 1. I even took extra classes near my house once a week from Mr Jesu, a St John teacher so that I could improve my Physics. Thin so that gases can diffuse quickly 3. I still remember teaching them Osmoregulation, then having them teaching me about Ultrafiltration in the kidneys ; It was really fun. My really smart friend, May Lee used to teach me certain topics that I found hard to understand like Light, Electromagnetism and Cathode Ray Oscilloscope. My friends, Vinosha and Raihan and I used to stay back after school and discuss certain topics together. Water diffuse in through osmosis, Water diffuse in through osmosis, contractile vacuole expand, diffuse out when vacuole is full. To identify criminal 2.

Chemistry List down all the formulas in Chemistry Form 4 and 5 in 1 piece of paper. Since there may be questions you may not understand, make sure you DO NOT lose any marks for definition or formula.

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Improve human lives 2. These are more challenging topics so I had to read it many many times before I really understood. Some teachers are busy so if you find one who could help, do appreciate him or her.

Prevent spread of disease 3. Once you realise that Physics is not that hard after all, you are already getting the hang of it.

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Most stomata in lower epidermal layer to maximize gaseous exchange Floating plant 1. Prevented by injecting drug that inhibits the antibodies production.

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