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So you need to find a way to divide the species. Genetics: Making sense of difference There is a search for the guarantee which addicts us to the preservation of the biological trace. DuBois They are the visible difference. You can read the body as a text. Quotes Edmund Burke. In order to find a politics that will end racism, "You can't just say, well black people are doing such and such and they must be right. However, this is a fantasy, a fetish which we use to comfort ourselves. This is a visible difference. But what about the reality of racial discrimination and violence? Something will guarantee the truth and authenticity of what we believe. But insofar as the system of classification systems, we read the text. This notion that the genetic code is imprinted through the body. Once you know where they fit on the scale, you can determine their basic characteristics. Race: a discursive not a genetic or biological construct, a floating signifier. Racism as a philosophy: there is a natural connection between the way people look, the differences of color, hair, and bone, and what they think and do.

Much of liberal theory can be explained by resorting to race. It is a political argument. Where does all this come from? The survival of biological thinking Race is one of the major concepts which organize the great classification systems including gender and class which operate in human societies.

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It is difficult to do without a foundational guarantee. However, race has a reality.

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Readers of social difference. What fixes the difference is the genetic code. DuBois They are the visible difference.

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The noble savage exists in nature but has the attributes of the best of culture.

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