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It has also been more than 10 years since Nutbeam [ 1011 ] noted the gap between the need for knowledge and the priorities among researchers. Many years have passed since these recommendations, but still the gap between evidence and practice has not been bridged despite important achievements in implementation research [ 12 ], designs for effectiveness and translation research [ 13 ], and a series of initiatives regarding the evidence-practice gaps [ 14 — 22 ].

Methamphetamine Clinical Vignettes on Methamphetamine PDF, KB - Three brief case studies depicting possible presentations of methamphetamine abuse or dependence and suggested acute management approaches. The downside of this position is that this type of research may lack the necessary cultural awareness and insights necessary for a proper understanding of basic factors for successfully planning intervention programs as well as evaluating research efforts.

It was emphasized that the government should not interfere with the running of the organizations but does have the duty to monitor the use of the grants.

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This means an improved emphasis on cooperation between researchers and practitioners [ 10 ]. Project grants In the late s a new system of awarding grants to NGOs in the arenas of alcohol and narcotics, vulnerable children and their families, and violence against women was prepared.

Support to NGOs today Organizational grants The National Board of Health and Welfare NBHW has a government commission to administer the grants to national organizations for the disabled, the elderly, and relatives of elderly persons; to national organizations in the social setting; and to national and local organizations.

Rx Drug Abuse A Faculty Development Workshop for Primary Care Preceptors - Case-based workshop for educators to inform training of students in evaluating and caring for patients at risk for prescription opioid abuse.

The call for more practice-based evidence is a challenge for policy-makers, practitioners, researchers, and funding agencies [ 1723 ].

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Conclusions This research strategy case study shows that it is possible to integrate research into alcohol and drug prevention programs run by NGOs, and thereby contribute to a more evidence-based practice.

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Substance Use Disorder Patient Case Studies