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I sympathize with Mary the most as she could not take the stress that Patrick is going to leave her and their 6-month-old unborn baby. When Patrick unexpectedly announces that he is ending their marriage, Mary enters a state of shock.

Not always, though. Thursday, February 26, Reflection - Lamb to the Slaughter The story "Lamb to the Slaughter" tells of a woman who kills her husband and manages to fool the policemen.

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Mary Maloney was wrong to kill her husband. These stories are grotesque and show the perverse nature of human beings. He and Mary know one another, and he helps the weeping woman gently into a chair before joining another policeman in examining the body and scene and calling for other investigators.

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All the more so because the events take place in a story, not in real life. Mary Maloney, six months pregnant, waits for her policeman husband Patrick Maloney to come home from work.

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Civilization calls on its members to renounce primitive justification in favor of rational justice; it requires them to renounce personal vengeance, that is, in favor of established institutions which depersonalize the assignment of guilt and the administration of punishment. Consider the murder itself and its immediate effects. A doctor, police photographer, fingerprint expert, and two detectives join the investigation, while Noonan periodically checks on Mary. At first she wonders if she imagined the whole thing. Maloney turns her mind to getting caught she is completely unselfish, in contrast to her husband. At first, Mary did not and could not believe it and thought that Patrick was lying and it was all a dream. She has a very unhealthy addiction for him. Even the title, with its multiple if rather simple ironies, contributes to the comedy. But it is safe to predict that anybody who responds to one entry will respond to all; Mr. Even far along into her pregnancy, she hurries to greet him, and waits on him hand and foot—much more attentively, it appears from his reactions, than he would like. Seen this way, the placid little postmortem meal takes on a higher degree of morbidity. Patrick, violates a much deeper tabu than that against the unilateral dissolution of marriage; it violates the tabu against murder.

The short stories of Kurt VonnegutJr.

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