Terms related to ethics

Integrity Consistency of values and actions that breeds trust and confidence in stakeholders.

ethical terms in nursing

Or it can be a normative position about how people ought to behave viz. Independence In the most general usage, freedom to act without control or influence from others, to be free to make decisions and act without external constraint.

Biobank: a repository for storing biological samples or data to be used in research. Beneficence — Moral principle that one should help others further their important and legitimate interests, either as those persons understand them respecting autonomy or as we conceive them paternalism.

Agency is a critical component in reporting decisions because most people will only report if they believe their action has the potential to make a difference. Its aim is "to contribute to betterment -- or at least non-deterioration -- of the human predicament" Warnock.

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ethical terms in healthcare

Although some believe whistleblowers are distinct from internal reporters, ECI research indicates that nearly all employees who report to someone outside their organization report internally as well. Contrast with act deontology.

But see also relativismas regards the last of these. The ethical obligation to protect and promote animal welfare in research.

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What is meant by the term ethics?