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While some researchers adopt a simple play-pattern playing or not playing approach, other researchers differentiate by play-frequency i. Studies have shown that video games can be an important gateway to science, technology, engineering and mathematics STEM fields.

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As a community we need to become more vocal that this kind behavior is not welcomed nor tolerated. The battle of researchers, depicting whether video games are beneficial or detrimental to children seems to be a new but ongoing argument.

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This stereotype is not only noted in popular culture. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 35 9— To date, they have recorded over pledges to not use hateful speech towards other players based upon their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

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However, we found the opposite: Women advanced at least as fast as men did. Scholars such as Gabriela Richard at Pennsylvania State University have found that members of these communities are more confident and perceive themselves as better gamers. The two players who are on MVC2 are wearing both hooded jackets and baggy jeans with tennis shoes. I believe that it is time to reclaim our community — to begin the shift away from negative stereotypes and discriminatory behavior and towards a community that is seen as a fun-loving, inclusive, and diverse group of people from all walks of life. If we can commit to taking a stand, by not actively participating in this kind of behavior and by becoming more vigilant in combating this behavior from others, we will begin to see it diminish and eventually fall out of favor. While some have taken a more comical rather than serious approach, the sentiment remains the same: gamers are social outcasts that are unable or unwilling to integrate into mainstream society. Messenger Although women now make up almost half of all video game players , the gaming community remains, in some ways, hostile toward women. The presence of these kinds of comments has become so commonplace that they are dangerously close to becoming an accepted and expected aspect of the gaming community. There is more negative research versus positive especially since the Video Games and Child Development: Good? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 35 9 , — Instead, the perception of women as poor gamers is fueled by other factors.

However, we found the opposite: Women advanced at least as fast as men did. I believe that gamers are, at their core, people who love to have fun.

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Debunking one of the biggest stereotypes about women in the gaming community