The use of pans in cookery

wok pan

They typically have two loop or tab handles, and may have a cover. Share Improving your skills in the kitchen has more benefits than you think.


If you are ready to start adding to your collection cookware you should think about pieces such as - a braiser pan, a griddle, or a wok. Grill pans come in stainless steel, cast iron, and non-stick aluminium.

Casseroles are often made of metal, but are popular in glazed ceramic or other vitreous material as well. Saute pans often have straight vertical sides, but may also have flared or rounded sides. Disadvantages: Thinner cookware may get hot spots and cook unevenly; can chip or crack.

Although the Doufeu literally, "gentlefire" can be used in an oven without the ice, as a casserole panit is chiefly designed for stove top use. Sheet panscookie sheets, and Swiss roll tins are bakeware with large flat bottoms. The rack makes it easy to remove the fish from the pan, keeping it whole and presentable.


Saucepans are round, vertical-walled vessels used for simmering or boiling. These may be permanently attached to a heat source, similar to a hot plate.

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Flash in the Pan: A Guide to Different Types of Cooking Pans