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Clearly, a lot of flexibility is built into answering such questions, and students tend to approach these questions accordingly, narrating personal anecdotes and information about their families to let the selectors know what kind of people they are.

In answering these questions—especially the question inviting comments on diversity—it is important to be genuine and sound natural in your examples. Revise until you feel that you have made your application into effective reflections of who you are and what you want to do.

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Note: Late applications will NOT be accepted without prior approval. The challenge facing all writers is to get the good ideas out of their heads and into the heads of their readers. Students are responsible for uploading the Research Essay.

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And he encourages other students to start this process early. The best essays are written about something the author truly cares about. His first research project involved working with nanoparticles used to create carbon nanotubes, which developed into an engineering project that more fully lined up with his interests: building a device to measure the size of these nanoparticles.

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In addition to describing a research question, methodology, analysis and results, the Essay should clearly describe how the student was involved in the work and what specific contributions was made to the work. A student should draft answers to these questions, refine the drafts and then refine the drafts again. The Research Essay should include appropriate bibliographic information and references. Click here to download a pdf of two sets of Goldwater Scholarship application essays by former students. You must have a passionate interest in what you propose to do. Furthermore, if an application needs to undergo a secondary review, the review may be done by an individual from another discipline. Readers tend to sniff out and suspect aspirations that reach too high, or motivations that are insincere, or diversity that is forced. Research Essays should be saved as PDF files. In addition, take note of the campus application process described below. You may want to consider starting by discussing your current research. Scoring such a nomination requires students to participate in, or display interest in, meaningful scientific research. No essay can be successful without a clear focus. Scholarship recipients in physics were also awarded a one-year membership in APS.

See Tips for Soliciting Letters of Recommendation. An effective thesis sentence announces clearly the central idea to be developed in the rest of the essay. The Goldwater foundation requires letters to be formatted in a very specific way. The Research Essay should include appropriate bibliographic information and references.

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If the letter writer is a research mentor, information should be included like 1 when the student started working with the mentor and for how long, 2 contributions made to the project, 3 who the student worked with on the project, and 4 skills learned by working in the project.

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