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Everyone is accountable for their numbers and communicate better as a team. Patient confidentiality should be maintained at all times. The referral letter The minimum data that a referral letter must include is summarised in Box You may be seen by an Oral Surgeon or an Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon depending on the nature of your referral, and what hospital you are attending.

Practitioners should consider what service the patient requires.

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However, on other occasions, the referral may require the prompt attention of a specialist to deal with an urgent concern raised by the patient or clinician. Your team is alerted and then can manage the Vault on any computer in the office!

The letter should refer to the telephone conversation and provide the appropriate details expected in any referral. We all want to be more productive and time was spent looking into my specific concerns as well as reviewing all facets of the business. Refer patients for a second opinion and for further advice when it is necessary, or if the patient asks.

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Where an urgent referral is required, letters may be faxed. Ultimately this led to a less stressful and more productive average day which decreased management stress and headaches and allowed life to be enjoyed just a little bit more with a little more time.

Although referral may be made to a named consultant, in order to minimise waiting times, the patient may be seen by another appropriate consultant.

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As such, the need for referral may be that the situation lies outside: the knowledge; the experience; or the facilities available to the referring dentist.

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Dentists referral to hospital for wisdom tooth extraction