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The enactment of such a policy that calls for placement of children within their family unit became important to maintain familial ties, as well as, providing stability and security to children with the least amount of disruption in their lives when they must be removed from their parents care.

The children are either given to a close family member or a surrogate parent, meaning a foster home. I included spouses not related by blood because they have been married into the family since before I was born, so even without blood relations they are kin to me Skill and creativity determine the extent of fame of an artist.

I chose kinship because I believe it is a big part of children services and social work. For my other family members, every female was represented with a circle, and every male was represented with a triangle. Urban Zulu people live mainly in townships that were built in the s and s by the government to enforce racial segregation.

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Another important ceremony is conducted a year after a household member has died and is supposed to link the deceased with his or her long-departed relatives and elevate him or her to "ancestorhood. The battle between the Zulu tribe and British is an important event in their history that made a big impact on how their land was divided Zulu

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